2nd June morning tour

A private morning tour booked for today. Again the rain came down. the special request was for otters and white tailed eagles. Otters dont  mind the rain and the tide was right so we went to look for them first. It took a little while but there they were mum and cub, fishing in the seaweed. lovely We drove around the bay and looked for the white tailed eagles in a known spot. not there so we carried on. as we reached the turning point of our trip the weather started to lift. Buzzards starting to fly.we decided to head back to where we know the eagles sit. nothing at first then one appeared in the tree. lovely. It then spotted a cormorant catch a good fish so it flew right over our heads to check it out for an easy meal. perfect. Time to head back, a good morning with lovely moody and misty skies. Jacqui and Mike