28th December

28th December Great walk at Croggan today we were out for three hours and in that short time we saw otter, male and female hen harrier, golden eagle briefly over the mountain and a good selection of shore birds but what made our day was a hunting white tailed eagle. As we enjoyed our coffee and Christmas cake after the walk I noticed a white tailed eagle to my left take something from the loch surface a fish I thought. It flew over to a skerry further out in the loch and landed so we got the scope out for a better view. There was the eagle carefully plucking a gull with two hooded crow in close attendance, we watched for fifteen minutes while the meal with feathers flying everywhere was finished. The adult eagle then flew off only to be replaced by a juvenile eagle who chewed on the scraps for a while before it too flew off into the gloom. We set off home and had only gone about a quarter of a mile when we came across a red deer stag grazing on someone’s lawn (Enjoy Mull facebook page for photo’s) Now this chap needs to go to specsavers as we were parked about five metres from him and he kept on grazing. Jacqui got out off the minibus still taking pictures before he raised his large head gave her a regal stare and strolled back into the woods, a great end to a great day. Winter is a very good time for wildlife watching so where are you. mike.