15th June

With a good start of common and arctic terns Common seals and common gulls. Lots of Eider drakes in a flotilla now losing their breeding colours. Goodness summer is going quickly. Short eared owl in the rain on a post and red deer with our cuppa. Into the hills and a food pass from male hen harrier to female hen harrier.  a rare treat. showers in the hills giving a gorgeous moody feeling. A white tailed eagle and red deer. The wild flowers are really beautiful with wild orchids and grasses galore. a run to our lunch stop and an otter on the rocks, then another fast asleep on the seaweed. very kindly pointed out to us from a couple parked close by. and a third across the bay. they dont mind the rain. Just as well because it was now coming down very heavy. We took a run back over the hills to trying to escape the rain and had a run by the loch shore. lapwing, greylag geese, a pair of red throated divers and a white tailed eagle. not a bad stop. The rain continued so we called it a day, but it was avery good day. Jacqui