10th November Winter wildlife tour

With sunshine and a good fleece we headed off to look for¬†wildlife. Our guests were keen to see eagles and our first stop gaveus two white tailed eagles on an island. Turnstone, merlin, ringed plover, curlew, greater blacked back gulls and common gulls. This stop is usually good for seeing common seals but today there was only one in view. Next stop and a lovely close white tailed eagle in a tree, two more flew towards us then a third. Two of the eagles flew close and locked tallons tumbling to the ground We just stared at this incredible sight. They stayed with us a while longer then they all flew off over the woods. Two of the white tailed eagles we had seen earlier were sitting in the trees at the back of the woods.We watched buzzards, lapwing, red deer and waders while we had coffee and shortbread. Heading off and a femle hen harrier at distance. Next stop and a brief view of a male hen harrier and two femail. a red deer stag watching us watching him. Heading for the hills to look for golden eagles. More red deer and a distant golden eagle, then a very close one flying over our heads. we watched it for a while and another flew across in front of us. wonderful. There were another two golden eagles over the distant hills. they were obviosly enjoying the sunshine. Stone chats were popping up all over the place today. lovely little birds. Lunch stop was fruitfull with little grebe, common scoter, teal, mallard and female hen harrier. Another white tailed eagle in a tree, hard to find with the sun on it. We headed off as we were loosing the daylight. Lovely run home, gorgeous light at the end of the day. Atlantic seals everywhere just off the shore. p1110713 p1110640 p1110726