Glossy Ibis

December 23, 2017 6:22 pm

Glossy Ibis

21st December

Walking the dog this morningĀ  and a very rare visitor to Mull flew in and landed in the field in front of me, this would the first verifiedĀ  Glossy Ibis to be seen on Mull so I had to get a photo of it. Not easy as my trusty camera that never leaves my side was six miles away at home! A quick drive home (observing the speed limit) to pick up camera and Jacqui and back to the field.

The Ibis had gone so we started searching and found it twenty minutes later with some greylag geeseĀ  two fields away much to my relief. So remember if you want to see rare wildlife leave your camera at home…… works every time.



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