Winter wildlife tour 14th November

Very quiet now for tours and visitors so it was lovely to be out watching wildlife with a lovely group of people. we headed south to see if we could spot any white tailed eagles, first scan showed nothing in the trees. then the islands, 4 white tailed eagles together. They were distant so the telescope was needed. They were juvenile eagles, its something we see a lot over winter. They gather together when parents aren’t interested in them. wonderful sight. There were widgeon, great northern divers, red breasted merganser, common gull, curlew around the shoreline. Next stop for our cuppa. Red deer on the way and the hope of hen harrier. No hen harrier but a white tailed eagle on the hill and lots more red deer. Common seals on the island. Ravens and kestrel. Into the hills and a stop to look for golden eagles. just as we were thinking of moving off two were spotted over the mountain. An other two over another mountain. A white tailed eagle came up over the hill and yet another golden eagle this time much closer flew across the hillside. wow. Into the glen and a stop to look for a juvenile golden eagle I have seen regularly. A shout from behind and a white tailed eagle was flying across the hillside, checking out the deer in case one was ill or injured. lovely to see its white tail and huge size. it flew high and was met by the golden eagle I had hoped to see. Great to get the comparison. they went their separate ways. Off for lunch and an otter feeding off the shore, he came closer and climbed out right in front of us. we watched him while we had our lunch. lovely, especially as it was a first for some of my guests. A steady run through the hills as the day was going quickly and daylight is short now. Cuppa on the loch shore, losing the light now but another lovely view of golden eagles over the hill near us. Last stop was quiet so we headed back. on the way a fallow deer in the field. funny as we struggled to see it through the trees and moved away. the trees disappeared and it was in full view. Hummm. Great day. Jacqui