Windy Sunday

They promised a storm and they were right. Thunder last night, didnt stop the hedgehog heading out into the garden or the small toad hiding in the kitchen.  It felt mean putting him out in the rain. Today`s tour started with a white tailed eagle in a tree and a brief flight of the chick. we took a slight detour to see if we could see them on the other side of the wood. We did manage another look at the chick flapping its way across the trees. Off to look for an otter and YES we saw one. well our super spotter young man saw it run in from the shore. we spent a long time watching it fishing and it came onto the shore again to eat. lovely. A sheltered spot for lunch and so many swallows. they were using the calm area to get the flies. Heading off and a female hen harrier flew across the  field for us. Wonderful sight of the golden eagle chick back in the nest, not surprised it must have bee cosy and sheltered out of the wind, Then Mike spotted one of the adults sitting close by keeping an eye on its chick. Our day closed with a welcome cuppa and chocolate cake. 356A8105 356A8039