Wednesday April 19th

A family day today, We decided to take the boys for a walk while looking for wildlife. Setting off  my young guests were engrossed in their spotters challenge sheets and their word search. We had a good day, white tailed eagles and common seals to start the day. Our walk took us through lovely woodland. lots of birds in the trees, chaffinch, blue tits , great tits and siskin. The call of the cuckoo was my first this year. must be summer!!! Wild goats and red deer on the hill. Heading back we saw a red deer in a garden right next to the road and golden eagles over the hills. And a very young lamb blocking the road. One of the boys was really keen on birds, eagles in particular. The last stop was everything I had hoped for. We set the telescopes up, one each for the boys,mum did try to get a look in. The white tailed eagle was on the nest, she looked up so we all got a lovely view of her. My young guest said wouldn’t it be great if the male came in. he did. The he said ohh wouldn’t it be great if she flew out with him. She did!! They flew off for a while and both returned to sit on the tree in front of us. Two excited boys saying I saved the best to last. Jacqui