Wednesday 6th October

The weather is continuing to be sunny, it was windy today with the sea showing white peaks. Lots of ringed plover today, we also saw lapwing and golden plover. Lovely in the sunshine. Highlights for me were the little turnstone moving the sea weed to look for food. The  juvenile white tailed eagle diving amongst gulls, getting one, feathers flying. I think it dropped it as it appeared to look in the water. The eagle kept trying to catch flying gulls and even had a go at a couple of shags in the water. Great watching. Nice to see teal and widgeon, red throated divers.  even some swallows flying around. Lovely golden eagles, flying high but we could still see the golden colour. Stone chats sitting high now looking good as they have gone through the moult. Close stag and hinds, we had distant roaring of stags in the hills the rut is well under way.