Wednesday 3rd August

A lovely day out with a great family today. Lots to see starting with our first stop and common seals, heron, spotters challenge has 2 ticked off already. With tales of volcano`s and spooky stories we headed of to look for otters. on the pillow lava an otter was spotted and it treated us to a long stay as it fished just off shore. another tick for the list. Lots of good eyes watching out for anything flying sitting and swimming. Our highlights for the day, two white tailed eagles flew across in front of us, then another. showing the full wing span, the same distance across as the road we were on. A lovely female hen harrier very close to us showing its white ring clearly. The spotter ticks are coming fast. Into the mountains and the golden eagle chick sheltering from the rain which was coming in fast.I was surprised to see it still there. I did hear today the chick has now left the building! Heading back and lovely red deer close by as we drove passed. Our next to last stop had lots more red deer. Almost back and we were lucky with a white tailed eagle on the top of a tree, it flew and we waited for it to return. no sign but we did have a brief glimpse of one of the chicks. as big as its parent. Time to go for the ferry, a rather good day. Jacqui