Wednesday 27th July

What a day, We started with common seals,great northern diver, bar tailed godwit, curlew, heron, gannets and oystercatchers. Then off to look for otters. Great spot by one of of the guests a golden eagle on a hill. great view through the scope. I haven`t mentioned is the rain, lots of it. Still the otter we saw didnt care, it came out of the water and ran around on the rocks. lovely. everyone had a good look. Dispire the low cloud obscuring the views we had a good day. our second sighting followed a kind tip from a passing motorist of two otters, we found them having a great time in the edge of the sea, up and down on the rocks jumping and rolling around. Next stop and the eagle chick still looking out from the nest in the mist, each day I expect it to have left. I will miss seeing it watching us watching him/her. Following the sun we dropped out of the mist and drove past a small heard of red deer. Our stop gave us three female/juvenile hen harrier and one male. Enjoying the gap in the rain. Almost back, a casual look and another female hen harrier distant, then another came closer. The osprey has to be my treat of the day as well as the unusual rainbow. Final stop with common seals, terns, ringed and golden plover were just a few of the birds enjoying the gap in the weather. P1080924