Wednesday 24th August

What a beautiful day, on my drive to pick my guests up the cobwebs were glistening in the sun. even between the electric wires like silver dream catchers. First stop was very fruitful. common seals, lots. eider ducks, common gulls and two adult white tailed eagle. the terns and gulls suddenly got up in a huge flock. One of the ¬†eagles passed over them. We watched as it dived for a fish. What a big fish it caught. we watched as it struggled with it to the small island just off shore. The eagle continued to struggle with the fish finally carrying it out of site. brilliant. Our day continued with another white tailed sea eagle coming down to the loch for a fish. The sea was like a mirror and the colours were gorgeous. Our cuppa was a little rushed with a kind passer by telling us of three otters further up the loch. off we went but sadly they had gone. Red deer stags in the hills, buzzards calling overhead. lunch stop and an otter fishing of shore, two white tailed eagles flying with buzzards chasing, then the chick (the same size as the adults) flew across the hillside. A strange call from the loch of two red throated divers. Carrying on past soooo many herons and heading for the hills, Golden eagles flying with their golden heads showing in the sun. almost back and a rare treat of the osprey again. with a female hen harrier also on a post. several red deer in the field. Last stop, stone chats flitting around and that white tailed eagle chick full stretch in the sun. It knows how to relax. P1090542