Wednesday 22 November

As I said on facebook what a day! I collected my guests from the oban ferry very early at 8.45. the ferry times are different through winter. It gave us a good start and our first stop gave us 2 otters sleeping, common seals, common gulls, widgeon, great northern divers, curlew and two white tailed eagles appeared from nowhere. they must have been behind the island. they pestered the otter and it left. The day was cool and cloudy but fine. good for seeing things as the sea was flat calm. We headed for Salen to collect Mike and two other guests and headed off to Loch na keal. A white tailed eagle flew across then another and 2 nore. two landed in a tree and two on a dead sheep on the hill. Otter number 3 was fishing off the shore. Red shank and red breasted merganser. We decided to head around the corner to look for the two eagles in the tree. they were there . Lots of slavonian grebe about and great northern divers. Time to move on and our next stop was a very fruitful one, an eagle called behind us so Mike went on a mission to find it. spotted on a rock. brilliant. hard to see and some debate as to white tailed or golden. Another joined it clearly a golden eagle so debate ended. They flew for us and sat on top of the hill. perfect.  Another otter spotted and more slavonian grebe. Two white tailed eagles flew by. Our day continued with more white tailed eagles, another golden eagle and red throated divers. otter number 5 at distance. we kept watching while we had lunch. mum and 2 cubs. absolutely wonderful to see while see fed them and brought them on shore. Otter total 8. The daylight was starting to fade and our cake and cuppa was calling so we headed back towards Craignure. There were common seals on the rocks and another white tailed eagle flew up and over us. It must have been below us out of sight. lots of red deer everywhere today. On our way back to salen having dropped our guests at the ferry an otter wandered across the road in front of us. number 10. A special day and a big thank you to our guests who had an early start.  Jacqui and Mike