Wednesday 20th September

A very wet start to our day, undeterred we headed out to our first stop. Goosander, grenshank, bar taild godwit heron, On to look for otters, very flat sea, common seals swimming ,meadow pipit and lots of thrushes on the way. we found our otters , mum and cub playing and sleeping. very cute with the little one curled on top of mum. As it was still raining d a re think on the days plan. deciding to spd time on the shore and look for more otters etc. anothr otter seen briefly and two white taile egles on the shore. The cloud lifted enough for us to see some if the lovely scenery, looking over the loch to the hills. Two more white tailed eagles and great northern divers. Rd deer mum and calf very close. Another brief otter, red throated divers and common seals gave us a very good day. jacqui