Wednesday 15th June

The day was a different one to yesterday, with rain coming in we decided to take our walk in the afternoon and look for the golden eagles before the weather closed in. My guests for the day requested otters eagles and red deer. The golden eagles were hiding and the white tailed eagles sat in a distant tree. We did have a brilliant view of an otter that came closer to us and climbed onto a rock rolled around and had a snooze. he woke rolled again and slipped into the water to carry on fishing. We had a distant view of a golden eagle flying over the mountains. Our walk took us up a track where we saw distant red deer. we did have a lovely view of a male hen harrier. Our last couple of stops and male and female hen harrier. a good view of a red deer stag and three red deer close to the road as we passed. White tailed eagle in a tree finished our day with the extra wildlife of the midges gathering around us when the wind dropped.