Wednesday 11 October

I took a lovely bird watching group out today, With my list of things to find we set off with a mission. First stop gave us red throated divers, one still in summer colours. Eider duck,common gulls, widgeon, turnstone and curlew where just some of the birds seen. Common seals on the islands. A distant white tailed eagle. Next stop and a dipper. great as this one one on the special list. Stone chats, chaffinch and a cute robin. The highlight was a great northern diver. Two white tailed eagles on the shore, rock doves, little grebe and red breasted merganser at our next stop. the list is going well. Off to the other side of the loch and a bit wilder here. the wind was quite strong but the sun came out. a cuppa and ravens over the hill. An otter spotted on the rock. it stayed long enough to get a good look. then it disappeared around the corner. A lovely run to our lunch spot with lots of stone chats, goosander and ravens on the way. Two white tailed eagles on the tree, we hoped they would fly but they were very happy sitting. Ravens in the sky with buzzards, lots of them enjoying the breeze. A brief golden eagle in the hills and rutting stags. Our cuppa stop and a golden eagle in the distance. it came towards us very high. we lost it in the clouds. A golden eagle appeared closer on the hillside. wonderful watching it work its way across the hillside and in the sky. Maybe the same bird? who knows. The rain came down so we moved off. Last couple of stops and a male and female hen harrier sitting on fence posts. lovely views in the telescope. a very large stag was watching us as he hid in the bracken. Final stop and a hen harrier, raven and buzzard all sparing and seemed to be mobbing something on the ground. unfortunately we couldn’t see as it was behind the wood. List completed and a very good day, Jacqui