Tuesday May 2nd

We set of early 9.00am to give us a good start before it got too hot. nice problem to have. First stop we saw a white tailed eagle in the tree and one on the nest. this pair are due to hatch today and the male looked like an expectant father sitting watching. Our day continued with so much to see. red deer, another white tailed eagle in a tree distant. buzzards and herons, greylag and canada geese. In the hills we looked for golden eagle, non around. the weather was a lot cooler today. Our comfort break and crossbills in the trees above. lovely birds with a great call. Otter number one was very close. we all crept out and stood by the bus keeping quiet. we watched for some time as it fished and ate its food. we lost it as it disappeared into the rocks. Heading for our lunch stop the day was warming up. as we ate a white tailed eagle flew overhead. we watched it fly into the distance. We had to smile at the little lamb was hiding in the tree roots to keep cool. Our return trip and a great stop. While my guests were watching the otters I spotted a golden eagle behind us. which way to look ! the golden eagle was followed by a white tailed eagle. They went into the distance so we returned to watch the otters. one of them climbed over the rocks and the other we managed to follow for sometime. Heading back to the hills we paused to look for golden eagles, none there so we carried on to have a cuppa. A great stop, male hen harrier sky dancing (displaying for his ladies) Two female hen harrier. Then looking up 5 white tailed eagles, then another then an other. over the hill flying together. This would be a group of juveniles hanging around together now they are on their own. this made 12 white tailed eagles in all. Time was going quickly so we decided to take another look at the white tailed eagles on the nest on the way back. One was sat on the top of the tree giving everyone a great view. no sign of the one in the nest. I guess its low down perhaps keeping a new chick warm. A very good day.