Tuesday June 7th

Yesterday was a day at home catching up on making biscuits and cakes for the tours. The heat was intense and I was baking in my kitchen both cakes and heat. Still. a good days work and a freezer filled while watching the siskins and red poll on the feeders outside the kitchen widow. Todays tour was a boot and bus. I collected our guests for the day and headed to our first stop with highlights of a white tailed eagle, common seals, terns. I looked at the sky and the cars coming towards me with headlights on. Decision made to try for our walk in the afternoon was a good one as the sky was getting very dark. The rain passed by and our coffee stop was brilliant the golden eagle was sitting proud, close to the nest and as we watched the chick appeared.¬†Such a treat seeing it stretching its wings and clearly eating. fantastic to see a healthy golden eagle chick. Skylarks singing all around us proving its summer with cuckoos calling and meadow pipits doing their parachute fall. Continuing on we spotted an otter fishing off shore. I dropped everyone off so I could park. The otter continued to fish giving everyone a good view. always lovely to be part of an animal happily going about its business undisturbed. Lunch and the sun came out, Male hen harrier at a distance and a yellowhammer calling close by. Tried to find it but no luck. Our walk took us on a track away from the road. the flowers were lovely with wild orchids just starting to show. Dragon flies and damsel flies flitting around us. The heady scent of the Rowan tree flowers all around us. Our last stop of the day and the best. Female hen harrier, two male hen harrier and two golden eagles. We watched a food pass between the male and female hen harrier then we saw one of the golden eagles being mobbed by the male hen harrier. the other golden eagle dropped down to a rock with prey. Allowing us to get the scope on it. Fantastic. All that and tea and cake mmmm P1070555