Tuesday July 5th

Despite a cold wet start we had a very good day today. A lovely red throated diver started our day. With terns, a white throat in the top of a bush, black guillemot and common gull.  a pretty good start. Eider ducks at our next stop, as well as common seals, ringed plover, common gull, greater blacked back gull, shag to name a few. The request from my guests for the day was for White tailed eagles, otter, golden eagle and hen harrier. Our coffee stop gave us a white tailed eagle in a tree it was then joined by its mate. One down…. Female hen harrier at our next stop, such a lovely bird. A buzzard flew close overhead. We headed for the hills to look for golden eagle, stopping to scan and a great treat of a short eared owl.flying close. it was joined by a male hen harrier and they both flew overhead fantastic. The golden eagle chick sat with its back towards us in the eerie. It seemed to be fussing with something. It finally turned round so we could see its face. Its been lovely seeing this chick grow. We then carried on looking for otter, a shout from two of my guests, is it a bird?? no its an otter. lovely. It was busy feeding around a small island in the seaweed. Our day ended with a lovely flying golden eagle and sunshine.