Tuesday 9th April

Well, what a start to our day. we were watching the seals and checking a white tailed eagle nest. then a white tailed eagle was spotted on the hillside.

A white tailed eagle on the nest was lovely to see. and the Male and Female Hen Harrier across the hillside. Fallow deer in the distance.

Hot drinks and biscuits while we watched Golden eagles over the hillside, a Male Hen Harrier made an appearance.

Brilliant stop before lunch. White tailed eagles interacting with a golden eagle. Then the golden eagle flew across towards us and across the hillside. brilliant. It then flew back and disturbed a male Hen harrier, Kestrel flying nearby.

On our way to lunch and two more White tailed eagles flew over. Lunch and a mum and cub otter. Lovely views and sunshine.

Quieter in the afternoon for birds, lots of seals and Great northern diver and slavonian grebe,

A very close Red deer stag next to the road on the way back.

Great day.