Tuesday 8th August

Our day began with a lovely view of a white tailed eagle on the tree, turnstones busy feeding on the shore And ringed plover scurrying around. Lots of common seals. common gulls and greater black baked gulls. A good start to our day. We called at the toilets in Craignure and a small flock of mixed birds dropped into the trees. Blue tits, long tailed tits, tree creeper and gold crest among them. Our cuppa stop was quiet, saying that we had a lovely view of a buzzard on a post and flying. Red deer on the hills Hinds, stags and calves. a didtant white tailed eagle on the hill and a brief hen harrier. Lunch and otter search. nothing while we were eating but one spotted in the bay, then a second further out. The first treated us to a good show of rolling around on the seaweed. Heading off and a peregrine overhead. A kestral hovering over the hillside.     Ournext stop and a treat of a white tailed eagle chick on its nest. should be away by now but its hanging on in there. Another couple of Kestrel and our last stop was rather special with an otter on the island alongside two white tailed eagles and a lovely golden eagle behind us. A small flock of redpol flitted past with siskin. a perfect end to our day. Jacqui