Tuesday 6th September

Girl power tour today on a North of Mull run. Helping out a friend who`s mini -bus was out of action we set off to discover and enjoy Mull. Great first stop with red deer in the hills and a lovely male hen harrier covering the fields hunting. The pale colour of this gorgeous bird showing well against the hillside. Next stop and a white tailed eagle in a tree, then another spotted on a hillside ,then an other and a final 4th. the whole family. The two chicks were at least the same size as their parents. A double shout and an otter running over the rocks in front of us, it disappeared so we had a cuppa and waited. Well worth it as we saw it again. Another white tailed eagle in a tree and another on the shore, ringed plover and a group of dunlin scurrying on the tideline. Redshank and curlew a very busy place. Golden eagles in the sun, sitting on a hilltop. while we had lunch it started diving, wings back and dropping from the sky, mesmerising. A stop to admire the waterfall and a white tailed eagle overhead, then two golden eagles flew across. Red deer hinds just below us watching us watching them. Heading back and golden eagles over the hills and red deer in the glen. A stag and hinds. A common snipe was a real treat to end our day. p1090954 p1090948