Tuesday 4th July

A wet start today, saying that we could see the good weather coming in from the west. This in mind we headed via the white tailed eagle nest for our walk. The chick is looking big now with great view of it flexing its wings. Two golden eagles flew for us over the hills while we walked. lovely. The weather was improving and the sun almost out. A cuppa and distant white tailed eagle in a distant tree. Common seals and a possible brief otter. As it didnt re appear we carried on. white tailed eagle over head. It flew around to give us a good look. Lunch and an otter, fishing and swimming. we lost it for a while and it re appeared closer. it came on shore and rolled around.Then feet in the air it lay on its back and went to sleep. Fantastic to see. happy otter and happy us. A short eared owl gave us a lovely fly by. we spotted him sitting on a post at first. We did have a giggle as a car load of people stopped in a passing place to look at the view and he just stayed on the post behind them. We tried quietly to attract their attention but no, they didnt see him. Two more golden eagles in the hills flying. and a female hen harrier. lots of seals today, Greylag and canada geese, terns, eider ducks and common gulls. a little grebe on the loch. As well as  lovely wild flowers and gorgeous scenery.