Tuesday 3rd October

My sidekick Alan came out with me today. A good day, quite cold weather wise. Our first stop was fruitful with Bar tailed godwits, Green shank, red shank and oystercatchers. Curlew, common gulls, and Herons added to our good range of birds. Even the toilet stop was good with common seals, red breasted merganser, grey wagtail and mute swans. A great start to our day. A white tailed eagle on the shore, Mistle thrushes flying over and a flock of twite. we are seeing lots of wintering flocks of birds moving through now. Heading on and two white tailed eagles on the islands, turning around and a golden eagle flying over the hill. It was a good day for eagles as we saw another two sitting in the trees. Our other highlight of the day was the otter sleeping on the seaweed, a brilliant spot by Alan it was very well camouflaged. Female hen harrier over the grassland. lovely. Stag and hinds on the hills through the glen, we are just in rutting time now. fantastic to see them. Lovely day, Jacqui and Alan.