Tuesday 28th May

Golden Eagles talon locking, Hen Harriers mobbing a Golden Eagle and a very cute Otter.

What a day today, so much happening.

In the morning, White tailed eagles bringing in food to the chicks, White throat singing, A reed bunting, common seals and three male hen harrier. One on a mound and another two flying over and mobbing a golden eagle. Red deer on the hills.

A great spot by one of our guests. behind us was two Golden eagles chasing a Juvenile away from their nest area. They locked talons and fell towards the ground. The juvenile soon moved away. We then watched one of the adults land on the hilltop. What a morning.

Adut Golden eagle chasing a juvenile.

Our afternoon was just as good. lunch while watching two otters. A mum and cub. And white tailed eagle flying onto the nest and we saw the chick.

On the way to our last stop a lovely wheatear, lapwing and a ringed plover.

Ringed plover

Last stop of the day. Two Golden eagles overhead, an otter that was spotted by one of our guests as it woke up and moved. It must have been curled up asleep for a while as it was very dry. We watched it for some time as it went about grooming, rolling and finally slipping into the sea for food. Then a white tailed sea eagle flew over. Wonderful.