Tuesday 26th July

Lovely walk today in the remains of a collapsed volcano, quiet for wildlife but the views were gorgeous. Our timing was perfect as we headed back to the minibus just before a heavy shower. Cuppa, and two distant white tailed eagles sitting in a tree. Canada geese and meadow pipits close by. Moving on and a fortunate pause to talk about the lava when an otter came into view. We watched for some time while it fished off shore. A second otter appeared further down the loch, lovely to watch it going about its fishing. Our lunch break and a white tailed eagle flying across the hills. Ravens and buzzards, grey heron and a wood pigeon. The golden eagle chick is doing well, it was sat at the edge of its nest calling. It is so lovely to see this chick growing and almost ready to leave. Heading down from the hills and a red deer stood next to the road. She didnt seem to mind us watching her. Cuppa,cake and hen harrier, a female flying low over the ground hunting. A second Hen harrier, again female at our next stop sitting on a post. It was raining hard so she looked  bit bedraggled. Last stop and we hoped for white tailed eagles, non to be seen today. We did see three golden plover and a ringed plover amongst the seaweed. Common gulls and terns, Greater black backed gulls, and common seals ended our day. Jacqui