Tuesday 22nd August

What a perfect day. Although we did have very heavy rain as we set off. First stop and a white tailed eagle, common seals all in the mist, judging the weather and the tides we chose the route for the day. What a good decision. the rain cleared by 10.30. Our cuppa stop started as soon as we got out of the bus with 2 otters just off the shore. two white tailed eagles in a distant tree then two others flew across and landed on the shore. a  golden eagle over a far hill. Then three more otters came out on a small island close to shore. wonderful watching them Now thats a good cuppa stop. As we spent a long time watching all the wonderful wildlife we took a steady drive to our lunch stop. A white tailed eagle on the shore,then a juvenile flew across the hillside and landed on a rock. another joined it as we watched an adult came across.  quite a lunch stop. Into the hills and hoping for golden eagles. Nothing for the next two stops, but the last one was brilliant. Two golden eagles flew up over the hill. we watched for some time as they flew across, disappeared and returned. Great views of them clearly showing their golden heads. This has been an excellent day. Jacqui