Tuesday 21st June

Well, what a fantastic day we have had. There has been so much to see today. It began with a white tailed eagle carrying prey to its nest. common seals and an oystercatcher with a chick. A glimpse of a dipper on route. Stopping where the golden eagles nest is high on the cliffs we saw the adult flying across the hillside and a brief view of the chick. Coffee over and a short drive to look for otters. We had just pulled up and one of the guests spotted an otter just in front of us fishing off shore, while watching that one another swam round the headland and fished further across. it did briefly come on shore  so we had a good view. Leaving the two otters in peace we headed off watching as we drove, ignoring the otter wood, a piece of branch that looks very much like an otter swimming. then two more otters spotted they gave us a real display rolling and fighting on a rock before swimming off. incredible. Common sandpipers sitting on rocks and bridges, bobbing and calling and herons fishing and a great northern diver in full summer plumage. At least another half mile and a mother and cub were swimming close to shore, they were attracting quite a crowd.all the people watching were quiet and discrete so we all saw them. By this time lunch was calling, all the excitement made us hungry. The afternoon gave us a white tailed eagle very close overhead, we watched it pass and meet up with another. it was mobbed by a female hen harrier and some gulls.a team of ravens came over to check things out. Our day continued with a male hen harrier, golden eagle chick in a nest, and a treat of a peregrine falcon.moving on a female hen harrier flew along side us. she stayed with us and we parked up so we could continue to watch her. Our day ended with a lovely white throat sitting proud an a branch and another female hen harrier hunting. Jacqui