Tuesday 20th January

Still quiet at the moment so it was lovely to get out with a tour. We started with two white tailed eagles near the nest. they are just starting to take sticks in the nest. Perhaps the sunshine is helping. Common seals on the rocks, oyster catchers and curlew with a brief fly by from some turnstone. A quick check on another nest site but nothing about. red deer and hen harrier at our next couple of stops. Common seals or rock sausages as one of my young guests called them. Our day continued with Golden eagle in the hills. one sat on top of the highest point watching the world go by. A pair of Kestrels displaying overhead. A heavy shower came through then the sky cleared and Ben More came into view. Lunch and looking for otters. We looked and looked as we drove along. no joy. unusual as Mike and I have been seeing them regularly. A special treat though of 5 snow buntings flitting across in front of us. they landed briefly then flew off again. On the home run and a stop to look at the Barnicle geese on Inch Kenneth. A white tailed eagle flew right over our heads. no one managed a photo it was too fast. Still no otters, until we were almost at our last stop. there was one possibly three out on the rocks. fishing and running on the rocks. Interestingly I have heard the frogs are now spawning. We know Otters will eat frogs and have seen a film of them catching them in a pond on Mull. Perhaps thats where they were today. A lovely day with more red deer and a fallow deer on the way back.