Tuesday 19th July

Mull weather changes very quickly and the today was very sunny and hot,glorious views across the sound of Mull to the mountains. A flat calm sea reflecting the geese as they swam in a line across the bay. At our first stop of the day we enjoyed watching common seals lolling around on the rocks, they always make me smile with their kind faces and laid back way of life. They are all having pups just now and they are attracting the attention of the males who are singing to them. A haunting call. White tailed eagle in the tree with two chicks below in the nest. Almost ready to fledge. heading for Loch na keal  and what a busy place for wildlife. An otter showed up at a distance and we watched as it vanished behind an island. White tailed eagle in a distant tree, Canada geese, shell duck and black guillemots enjoying the calm waters. As we carried on our way we saw another 4 otters, As well as a very clear Ben More our Munro mountain. Anyone climbing today will have a spectacular view. Lunch stop and another otter. Buzzards flying across the forest and many little birds flitting amongst the bushes. hard to get a good look at them. The eagle chick was showing well from the edge of the nest loking for parents I would think. They were very high over the mountains. Almost home and a short eared owl gave us a lovely show quartering the fields. Red deer popping up from very high bracken. Jacqui P1080880