Tuesday 18th April

A birthday treat, Our two guests today booked a private tour for a special birthday treat. Eagles were  the request of the day. We were restricted with knock bridge being closed. However Mike and I have been looking at alternative places to go. Our day started with a white tailed eagle in a tree and one in the nest. our guests had a telescope each as there was a lot to see. Common seals, common gulls, eider ducks, great northern diver, ringed plover and a turnstone. a great start. We stopped for a cuppa and scanned for anything flying, hoping for hen harrier. We spotted a female hunting for food on the hill. Red deer in the fields. Then another scan and wow , two white tailed eagles sitting together on the wall. They were brilliant, seen easily with the naked eye but through the scope they were fantastic. We also saw another white tailed eagle flying overhead, and another in a distant tree. Our day continued to be full of eagles, two golden eagles in the hills all before lunch. An otter spotted in the distance working the river and a treat of crossbills just above us. they are so lovely to see, the colours are gorgeous. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed the sunshine, we watched the water and as Mike predicted the otter appeared swimming and fishing the river. Our day was a great day for a wide range of wildlife, great northern divers, stone chat, peregrine falcon, kestrel, red deer , common seals to name a few, topped with two golden eagles over the hill and sitting on the top to let us have a lovely view. Last stop, white tailed eagle on the nest. Jacqui