Tuesday 12th June

We began out tour with a white tailed eagle in a tree on the hill, a bit distant but that silhouette was unmistakable. Buzzards calling and enjoying the wind. A heron went past looking like some strange dinosaur. red deer in the hills. A quick stop next, well it did turn out to be a bit longer. As we scanned we saw, common seals and a short eared owl. So lovely seeing the owl hunting over the ground. Brilliant stop We were on a role, Male hen harrier at our next stop. although he did play hard to get, every time he landed and I got the telescope on him he took off. We still enjoyed watching for some time. A golden eagle high over the hills near the eerie, we did wait but it didnt come into the nest for us today. We headed off to our lunch stop and a white tailed eagle did a fly by for us. Lunch break and otter treat. A cub was fishing on its own, it seemed happy for a while then started calling for mum who came swiftly to it. they went across to rocks and were joined by another. Brilliant watching them. Heading on the home run and another otter. It was busy fishing so we watched a while, it came on land briefly then off fishing again. A white tailed eagle chick being fed in the nest, then the adult flew off giving us a great view of the huge wings. Lots to see on the way back, shell duck, common seal, wheatear, skylark, common sandpiper, and pipits among other birds. A great day for Mulls wildlife. Jacqui