Tuesday 11th October. Eagle day

Another dry day,slight frost this morning. And the eagles got up late. It took a couple of places to find a white tailed eagle. In fact the third place had lots to show ¬†just no eagles for a while. We watched buzzards, canada and greylag geese, widgeon calling in the bay, herons and redshank. Amale hen harrier flew past and hundreds of thrushes. a great start. The day warmed up and a white tailed eagle flew across the trees to another sitting on a branch. they stayed a while them both flew across to another tree. lovely. Next stop had the red deer, the stag is looking very tired. I wonder why!! Buzzards and another hen harrier, female this time sitting on a post. We moved further along the road and two more female hen harriers, we were just enjoying watching them when a coach came past and slowed. by the time it had passed they had gone. A couple of common seals swimming in the loch and a very brief view of an otter distant. We headed for the hills, lots of red deer with roaring stags. two golden eagles over the hills. they were heading away so we carried on through the mountains. Our next stop was great. a golden eagle flew onto the top of the hill, we could just see its head, then another joined it sitting proud. with the telescope you could see the lovely golden colour of its feathers. Greenshank, red shank, and lapwing. A great northern diver and little grebe as we headed for home. Our last stop and a white tailed eagle in a tree. One of my sharp eyed guests spotted a golden eagle over the hills. We lost it as it flew across the sun. As we watched it re appeared and another joined it flying across the hillside. p1100428