Thursday 9th June

Today and we started with a very short walk into loch Ba. there is a lovely feeling of peace as we walk down the track. the trees were alive with birds calling. lots of chaffinch and somewhere a goldcrest called. giving up looking for it as necks were hurting we carried on to look in the small pond. Its full of common newts all coming to the surface to breathe, a lovely sight to see. Our day continued with a cuppa and home made biscuits while we watched a white tailed eagle fish and a golden eagle flying close to its nest. Carrying on with the tour  we enjoyed watching lots of wildlife including watching an otter fishing close to shore for about 30 minutes while a yellow hammer called a little bit of bread and noo cheeeeeese. Moving into the mountains and fantastic views of a golden eagle, it was carrying what looked like a snake into the eerie. after a while it re appeared and gathered nesting material  and taking it into the nest. we enjoyed watching for some time when one of our guests spotted a male hen harrier just above us. which way to look!!! We reluctantly left to carry on the tour. Coffee and cakes with Male and female hen harrier in the sun. followed by two white tailed eagles at the end of a lovely day P1080033