Thursday 8th February

We found a window in the weather today, not too cold and some sun. Our tour started with 2 white tailed eagles, Common seals, common gulls, red deer, oyster catchers looking fine with their bright orange bills. Next stop, mute swans, red breasted merganser, widgeon and more seals. Pretty good start to our day. Coffee and 4 golden eagles distant over the hills. Two white tailed eagles in a tree across the Loch. Moving on and 2 white tailed eagles on the island. While we watched as they annoyed an otter for its food on of my guests spotted an otter close by. It wandered over the rocks and rolled around in the seaweed. I can never get enough otter watching. Slow and steady drive to our lunch stop. Goosander, curlew and the two white tailed eagles again. The rain came down but soon cleared the moody sky was lovely.¬†Lots of great northern divers and a red throated diver. Another otter spotted close to shore. It was busy feeding and moved off quite quickly. Otter number 4 was in the big bay. big red deer stag behind us and a white tailed eagle, ravens and a little grebe. Time getting on so we did a steady run through the hills, A golden eagle spotted so we made it our cuppa stop and watched. A female hen harrier looking lovely in the sunshine. Golden eagle over the hill and it flew across and sat on the hillside. We put the scopes on it. lovely. Sadly the day was ending and we had one last brief stop on the way back for the ferry. lovely red deer. A great day. Jacqui