Thursday 5th October. A private hire

A special day today as we were taking a couple out who had booked us privately. Our first stop on the bay, a bit quiet today, although goosander and common gull were there as well as oyster catchers and curlew. Next stop ringed plover, common gull and widgeon set us off. looking further a white tailed eagle was on the shore. a youngster I guess from this year it was very well camouflaged. As the weather improved another white tailed eagle appeared on the island. common seals lounging on the rocks and a good flock of ringed plover and turnstones busy feeding on the shore. On the way to our next stop we were flagged down by a driver who informed us the road was closed further on. over coffee and watching the red deer we made the decision to head to Loch Buie. A lovely drive over, gorgeous woodland and the view opens up in front of you over Loch Spelve. White tailed eagle flew across in front of us and a fantastic site of gannets diving, 20-30 at a time. spectacular. Heading back to the main road, lots of herons and greylag geese. A run to loch na keal, and it was worth it. as soon as we stopped two otters quite close. the day was rainbows and showers giving the landscape changing colours. stunning. Jacqui and Alan.