Thursday 30th June

Why is it that whenever I make the coffee / Tea on the tours the wildlife comes out and our drinks go cold. Today was no exception, the drinks being poured and the call came from one of my guests “Otter” Everyone had stayed close to the minibus in case we saw an otter but we hadn’t expected one quite so close. it was on the seaweed just below us on the shore. The otter was very sleepy and we had plenty of time to watch it sleep,roll around, sleep again until the tide pushed it off. we could hear the common seals calling from the islands, quite a haunting sound. Prior to our break we had seen white tailed eagle and golden eagles. a very good start to the day. The weather was very varied from warm and sunny to some very heavy showers.We doubted we would see anything in the mountains as the cloud was very low. Scanning the rocks we found a golden eagle looking very bedraggled in the rain. Our afternoon continued to be excellent despite the rain coming down, to our delight a Male hen harrier flying past then landing twice to let us have a good look. a female also flew past, they are both beautiful birds and look very different with the male being pale grey, black wingtips and the female shades of brown with the distinctive white band over the tail. To top this our last two stops gave us two female and another male hen harrier and two white tailed eagles in a tree. What a great day P1080495P1080484