Thursday 28th July

Very enjoyable walk today, 3 golden eagles on the mountain tops, they very obligingly flew for us. Dragonflies dancing along side us and gold crest high in the trees. The children had the first box ticked on the spotters challenge. A peaceful cuppa and a low flying osprey. then we made a move to look for a reported otter. no sign of it, lots of common seals though with a baby seal feeding from its mum. Lunch by the beach and one of my guests enjoyed a paddle. Eider ducks Our day continued with tales and stories many herons and the golden eagle chick calling loudly. yes its still in the nest! The children loved seeing it peeping out. A white tailed eagle made an appearance while we were looking at a buzzard on a post. Final stop with golden plover and white tailed eagle chick. a vey nice end to a warm wildlife day. Jacqui