Thursday 16th May, A trip round the North of Mull

A great start to a lovely day, Golden eagle on the hillside, it did take a bit of seeing though as the sun was on it. Very well camouflaged against the rock . Seals on the Islands and a White tailed sea eagle flew over us.

A lovely surprise of the secretive Fallow deer just near the wood in the sun.

Next stop with a white tailed eagle in tree. Wheatear, common sandpiper, ringed plover, Curlew and oystercatcher.

Lots of red deer in the hills, the stags have lost their antlers now and are often high on the hills away from the flies.

Another white tailed eagle flew low near us.

Lunch with otters mum and cubs. Well, they had theirs separately on the seaweed. Lots of birds to see. Curlew, shell duck buzzard nest and graylag geese with goslings

Cuppa and a golden eagle over the hill. More red deer and lovely views of the Isle of coll. Calgary beach looked very inviting.

Another good stop at the end of our day with Gooseander, red shank, and dunlin.

Back to Tobermory and a white tailed eagle spotted from the back of the bus. A good day.