Thursday 14th September

Heavy showers and rain forecast the waterproofs were on ready. First stop, common seals, Heron, red shank and cormorants. Looking at the forecast and the tides our route was planned to make the best of the day. No white tail in the tree today but more seals and rainbows. Our day continued with  red deer and hen harrier very close, Golden eagles in the hills making use of the wind as they lifted to the clouds. A  very brief white tailed eagle being seen of by buzzards. Our lunch stop was lovely ,no otters but little grebe and curlew. lots of eider duck. The otter was asleep on the seaweed, as we watched it moved off and came closer, fishing and swimming in the bay. lovely. Still no white tailed eagles in their usual places, so we carried on.the day as always going quickly. Heading home and it was a day for sleeping otters, mum and cub sound asleep on the seaweed. a little stretch confirming two heads. Last stop and at last white tailed eagle over us , landing on the shore. the weather coming in but we could see them between the showers. A very good day despite the weather. Jacqui