Thursday 12th October

Another good day today, White tailed eagles, otters and stags requested. First stop and common seals, red breasted merganser and little grebe. Discussing the day we decided to look for otters first, as the day was due to improve later. We went to a known white tailed eagle place and found them on the beach. plucking a dead sheep. An otter was fishing off the shore, hard to see as it was in the waves. it swam ashore and ran over the rocks. Second stop. Another otter and closer views of the eagles on the shore. it was very windy so we moved to a sheltered stop for our cuppa. more common seals and black guillemots. A steady drive through gorgeous moody scenery. Stopping for tall tales and geology. Lunch and no eagles in the trees, red deer on the hills. As we finished our lunch a white tailed eagle flew into the tree. great view with the telescope. Ravens playing in the breeze. We headed over to the Loch shore to look for otters etc. stopping to scan and one found on an island. rolling around and napping. It eventually swam off. Green shank at our toilet stop and herons, mallard and highland cows. Into the hills with handsome stags strutting their stuff. kestrel over the hill. Windy in the hills so we decided to scan around for golden eagles and have our drink and cake in a sheltered place. We were in luck a golden eagle over the hill. gave us a good long look. Sheltered and warmer we watched a female hen harrier come across white we warmed up with a cuppa, Red deer in the fields. Last stop of the day, common gull, common seals, curlew and herons. Another very good day. Jacqui