This week,

Its been a family week this week, both for us as our family including the grandchildren aged 18 months, 2.5 years and 6 years. it’s been wonderful to see them. we have been swimming, otter spotting and eagle watching. A mixed bag of weather this week on the tours. Its ¬†been a good week. with otters , white tailed eagles and lots of smaller birds moving around Mull and feeding on the seedheads. Common and atlantic grey seals, grey wagtail and dipper. My youngest guest was 3 months old. we enjoyed a walk into loch Ba. and introduced Jack to eagles and seals. The end of August and the weather is set to improve. we are starting to see teal returning, goosander and red throated divers. The trees are starting to turn and the bracken is dying back. Autumn is close. Jacqui