There it is! oh no it isnt.

Yet another sunny day, windy but hardly a cloud in the sky. Again our first stop was to look for the white tailed eagle in the nest. It was there, the sun behind it made it look like a cardboard cutout. Loads of common seals on the islands. We are waiting for the terns, Iceland and common to come back to nest. some have been seen further west. Great northern diver was a special treat for some of our guests. Some red deer at our next stop, on the hill top and buzzards, heron flying by. Red deer on the way and through the ancient woodland we could hear willow warbler singing. the oak trees are looking beautiful with their fresh green leaves. The view opens up with the loch in front of us as we look for a sheltered spot for our break. Cuppa and a fantastic view of a white tailed eagle flying across in front of us. a juvenile, no white tail and moulting some feathers. looking very scruffy. A male hen harrier sky danced under the hill and we had a lovely treat of lapwing with chicks. They were so tiny. meadow pipit and a vary brief view of a golden eagle. seen my me and me alone, I saw things and they disappeared before anyone else saw them. This theme did happen several times in the day, hence the title of the tour tale. Back through the woods and a tree pipit displaying. Oh yes and the peacocks strutting in the road. The red deer in the garden didn`t bother at all when we stopped to look and take a photograph. The day was passing quickly so we headed for the hills. another white tailed eagle and a cuckoo flew across and landed in a tree. Behind the leaves, so again only I saw it. More white tailed eagles joined the first giving us 6 in total over the hill top. Lunch stop, and an otter. fishing hard in the incoming tide. Great northern divers and stone chat. Heading back with another stop in the hills to look for golden eagles. another white tailed eagle, and a peregrine falcon. A brief sight of a golden eagle flying across the face of the mountain, yet again only I saw it. Big heard of red deer at least 30 o the hillside. Cuckoos calling all day. Mike threw the challenge of finding it and extra cake for the first to see the cuckoo. ¬†Guess who saw it, Mike. mmmmm. a great spot and he did enjoy his cake. As always the day is speeding by, cuppa in the hills and more red deer and again the white tailed sea eagles over the same hill.lovely. A distant male hen harrier across the hillside. Last couple of stops, lots of swallows feeding over the fields, Two white tailed eagles in a tree and a flyby from a heron. and eider ducks on the way back. great end to the day. Jacqui and Mike