Sunday May 7th

A great day today, again sunshine all day. Highlights of our day started with a red deer in Salen just by the roadside. White tailed eagle in the tree near the nest, the sun was on it so visibility was a bit limited. we decided to call again on the way back. We did have lovely views of ringed plover, oystercatchers, great northern diver and common gulls. The common seals were covering the islands, loads of them. Our day continued. following a hunch we headed off to get out of the wind and have a cuppa. On the way we saw  wheatear, meadow pipit, lapwing and a white tailed eagle carrying prey. We started to get back in the bus to carry on. a last glance and two golden eagles flying over the hill. All out again. we watched them as they flew across in front of us. sun shining on them lovely. Lunch time calling so we headed for the hills. Three cuckoos flying by. On to Loch Scridain. Lovely great northern diver It came close in shore looking lovely in summer plumage. Three red throated divers as well. a bit further out. This was our turning point as Knock bridge is still closed.We rounded the corner and an otter spotted in the bay. We moved closer and parked up to was very busy fishing in the sea. Hard to spot as the sun was shining on the water. It moved away so we did too. heading on we stopped again to see if we could find him again. No, he had gone but we did see a mum and cub playing, swimming and fishing. they gave us a great view as they worked their way past us. The day was going quickly so we returned to the hills to look for eagles, male hen harrier spotted, white tailed eagle and a golden eagle. a female hen harrier flew across the road in front of us. We returned to the white tailed eagles nest and had a much better view with the sun behind. The eagle was sitting high in the tree showing its white tail beautifully. It flew across to another tree. Heading for home and a shout from the back of eagle! we found a pull off and a white tailed eagle flew across the hillside. chased by a crow giving a good size comparison. perfect end to a great day A big thank you to Meryl from the RSPB for all her help today and my other guests for great spotting. Jacqui