Sunday July 9th

A perfect day, well if you ignore the rain. it did hold off long enough for our walk. A brief flight of a white tailed eagle and loads of wildflowers. Cuppa and golden eagle on the hillside sitting on a rock. Two otters swimming by, a white tailed eagle in a tree across the loch and a red throated diver. A snipe was calling and flying around. Our next otter was swimming and fishing out around the islands. Curlew and common sandpipers around. Two white tailed eagles on the islands. Otter number 4 was close in shore, we stayed in the bus in case it heard us. it soon disappeared around a rock so we carried on. Time was going quickly and we were getting hungry. we drove across to our lunch stop with tall tales and history. great rock formations showing Mulls turbulent past. Lunch with otter number 5, a little way of shore but it stayed around for ages. still drizzly but warm. Our 6th and last otter was brilliant, very close . we got out of the bus very quietly and stood hidden behind bracken and the bus, it came right by us and fished for its lunch. lovely. The lifting cloud was lovely, making the treat of the short eared owl even more special. It was sat on a post next to the road. it flew when the rain eased, so lovely. Hen harrier next, Male across the hillside and either a female or possibly a juvenile. red deer on the hills. Taking the time to admire the wealth of wild orchids and other flowers. the favorite for me has to be the fragrant orchid. gorgeous scent. Our day was ending, quick stop on the way to the ferry, a short eared owl flying and red deer. Heading back to Tobermory the sun came out, lovely end to our wildlife filled day. Jacqui