Sunday 9th October, Eagle search

A special request for white tailed sea eagles today. With the sun shining we set off to look. First stop and no eagles, common seals and cormorants, ringed plover and common gulls. all lovely to see but smaller than we were looking for. We headed off to another place we occasionally see the eagles,there was one siting in a tree. The sun on it and it was at the front fantastic. Not content with one white tailed eagle we carried on to our next stop and one flew in to the trees across a field from us. it was eating prey. Another distant eagle in a tree. A couple of young stags passed across the road close to us. We stopped on route to the hills and saw a lovely stag and hinds, the stag looking a little tired. Then a treat of a female hen harrier hunting over the ground. A quick view of an otter as we passed. Golden eagles were harder to find and our usual places didnt give us any sign. Heading out of the hills we had just stopped to look for more white tailed eagles and one flew over, then landed in the tree where another was sitting. wow 5. Our second otter was seen as we drove close to the loch shore. we all got a good view before it disappeared into the rocks. Our last stop of the day and a golden eagle on a hillside and another flying over it, perfect end to our eagle quest day. p1100836 p1100831