Sunday 28th August

Following a couple of days off we set off on our tour today in scorching weather with a calm sea. Our first stop was excellent with an otter, common seals, red breasted merganser and curlew. On to our next stop,white tailed sea eagles in a tree at a distance and an otter swimming across the bay. We decided to move a bit closer for our coffee stop. It took us a while to find it again as it was further out on the islands. we had a great view of it rolling around in the seaweed. The views over the loch were gorgeous with reflections everywhere in a blue sea. Red throated  divers returning from their breeding grounds still in their breeding colours. A call from Mike who was in front, heading off with our family to fish. They had two otters swimming further on. Off we went and had fantastic views of them swimming, one came out very close an ate a fish. The white tailed eagle flying overhead was lovely while we had lunch, Maybe it was after the smoked mackerel sandwiches. Another otter on our way to the hills where we saw golden eagles  and a large group of red deer stags in the mountains. Close to the end of the day we saw a female hen harrier and a buzzard on a post. In a tree on a hill a white tailed eagle sat silhouetted against the blue sky. Last stop and a kestrel gave a good display of how to keep its head completely still while hovering and looking for its prey. P1090576 P1090580