Sunday 27th August

A private hire today,and a request for Otters and golden eagles, Setting of in anticipation with two super spotter twins. Common seals, common guillemot and herons. A check on the next spot for otters,nothing.We decided to go to a more sheltered place  for a cuppa and warm up. It is summer I think!! Enjoying our cuppa and a white tailed eagle over the hill in the distance. it flew away and returned closer. joined by another and three golden eagles. all in the distance but lovely to see. Our day continued with wonderful golden eagles over the hill, close enough to get a great view. Waterfall next and the sun came out. On the way to Calgary bay two white tailed eagles flew over us. A stop at the beach, gorgeous white shell sand. Heading for home and slow worms, lovely creatures all bronze and smooth. Sadly no otters today but so much seen on our trip. Jacqui