Sunday 26th June

The forecast was spot on with a dry start to the day then rain. We set off  and my first treat of the day was a common sandpiper with a chick. so tiny and bobbing just like its parent, spotted by one of our guests we watched for a while, lovely. We continued hoping to see golden eagles flying before the rain came. We did , we saw a golden eagle sitting in a tree close to the nest. The rain came in and the eagle sat and sat. coffee and biscuits still the eagle sat. We decided to move just up the road to look for an otter while keeping an eye on the golden eagle. not too bad a stop. otter feeding offshore, common seals and YES the eagle flew, landed on a rock so we could admire it. Carrying on the tour we saw may little birds such as lapwing, curlew, skylark. Our next otter was spotted by a tail in the air. it was rummaging around in the low water amongst the seaweed looking for food. we watched as it rounded the rock and went out of sight. The weather was getting very damp and little visibility but we still managed a lovely male hen harrier and white tailed eagles. very impressive spot by our guest of one of the eagles hiding behind the leaves. It just goes to show that even on a wet day we can still see lots of wildlife.