Sunday 23rd July

Boot and bus tour today. We decided to go to a different part of Mull as it was so hot. We went looking for white tailed eagles. The first stop was fruitful with a black tailed godwit, red breasted merganser, green shank, and gannets diving. common seals were basking in the sun. White tailed eagle at our next stop in the tree. the chick should be fledging soon. On the way to lunch and super spotter young Jack shouted out whats that? A female hen harrier was flying across the hillside. lovely. Then supper spotter Jack saw a buzzard partly hidden on a dead tree. what a great spot. White tailed eagle across from us on the headland while we had lunch. lovely. Our walk took us through woodland. quieter for the woodland birds today as they are now going into moult. We returned to the main road and headed for the hills. White tailed and golden eagles over the hills. Another white tailed eagle over the hill. a very good day.